• Tautliners and pvc grain covers

  • Bakkie covers

  • Boat covers

  • Camping Equipment

  • Canvas Blinds

Shaft Sinking Suits
These are resistant to oils, water and are mainly used by underground miners. They are also known as oil skin suits and come in a jacket and trousers and mainly in white or yellow with reflectors for high visibility underground.
Bakie Covers & Canvas Canopies
These covers provides protection of the goods and also add value to your bakkie.
Camping Equipment
These are manufactured to suit your individual needs and carry a warranty of twelve (12)months as we take pride on the quality promise to all our clients.
Awnings & Blinds
For provision of shade getting into the house or office through the windows or doors: awnings are the solution. Outdoor blinds gives you the best protection against the rain, sun or wind on your patio, open verandas or on your gazebos.

About Us

Power Seven Canvas and Industrial has been around since 2005 and has achieved unrivaled sales success in Africa. From humble beginnings back then, it has become the preferred choice in all sectors of the economy. Power Seven continues to be a dominant force in the market for all Canvas and PVC products.