Boost brand visibility on the move with our custom Branded Tautliners. Crafted from premium PVC with high-resolution graphics, these tautliners offer protection and powerful branding. Elevate your logistics game with Power Seven Canvas and Industrial.


Branded Tautliners: Enhance Your Brand’s Visibility on the Move

Elevate your brand presence with our custom Branded Tautliners. Crafted from premium PVC with a durable grammage of 900gsm to 1000gsm, these high-quality tautliners offer exceptional longevity and protection for transported goods.

What sets our tautliners apart is the option for high-resolution digital graphics, ensuring your brand message stands out with a gloss varnish finish that lasts 5-8 years. For added security, an anti-theft defender mesh wire is seamlessly integrated, safeguarding against any attempts of tampering during transit.

With Power Seven Canvas and Industrial, you not only receive a reliable covering solution, but also a mobile billboard for your brand. Our Branded Tautliners marry functionality and visibility, making them an essential asset for any business looking to make a lasting impression on the road.

Experience the power of branding with our customized tautliners. Contact us today to elevate your logistics game and put your brand in the spotlight wherever it goes.